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  This blog from [SIC] is here to celebrate Cult Film and Television in all of its weird and wonderful forms.

Within, you will find such features as SO B.I.G. - our celebration of terrible films that just have to be watched and TV Party, a guide to upcoming home releases that need to be seen with friends, pizza and maybe some beer.

We're also home to one half of The Five and Dime Picture Show, Sheffield's cult film event screening night at The Film Unit.


We've covered events and festivals from around the country, including iD Fest, Doc/Fest and 'The Edgar Wright Takeover', a 16.5 hour cult film marathon.

Inside you'll find ahead of the curve reviews, exclusive interviews and special previews of films from far and wide.

We're about the weird, the wonderful and the downright unappreciated. So come on in.... Join us! Join us! Join us!

Ryan - Editor, [SIC] Blog